For the affiliate program, what product/service should be purchased and how much do I get? The affiliate gets up to 15% on every paid hosting account using your unique Affiliate Link. How To Place An Order For Email Hosting Professional email hosting is a service that allows you to use a custom domain name for your... How do I add funds or credit to my account? Follow the steps below to add the funds to your account Click here to login to your client... How do I cancel my hosting account? If you want to stop using your hosting package and cancel it, first you need to login to your... How do I make payments? HarmonWeb offers convenient ways to make payments for any product or service. This is to ensure... How do I view the credit in my account? Login to your client area. Once logged in, from the left widget find Available Credit on the... How do I view, print or download my invoices? Login to your client area.Once logged in, click on Billing -> My invoices on the client area... How does automatic payment work? Please understand that once you make payments with any of the subscription-based payment... How to Renew a Hosting Plan You may renew your hosting plan at any time. Here's how to do that: From your client area, click... How to Upgrade/Downgrade a Hosting Plan If your project is getting bigger and requires more resources, just know that you can upgrade... How to Use HarmonWeb Wallet Balance If you have money in your HarmonWeb wallet, it will be used for your next bill. This could be for... I have paid for all the invoices that were due on my account. Why is my account or service still suspended? If all unpaid invoices have been marked as paid but the product paid for is still suspended,... What Happens After Upgrading a Hosting Plan? When you upgrade your hosting plan, all your files, emails, databases, and settings move... What Payment Methods Are Available at HarmonWeb? The available payment methods are: Card/Bank Transfer/USSD/Qr Code BTC What to Do if There Is an Error During Payment At HarmonWeb, we make sure to keep your payment transactions safe. If you run into any issues... What to Do if an Invoice Still Appears as Unpaid After Payment If you've recently paid but can't see the corresponding service, don't worry! We're here to help...